Maryborough District Home Call Music Lessons

Lessons on Guitar & Drum-kit in your own home!

Lessons are available in the Maryborough District as Home Calls. Mark will travel to your house and give you a lesson in your own home in privacy if you live in the Maryborough District within about an 8km radius of Maryborough. Drum students need to provide an adequate drum-kit, Mark can help you with your purchase if you still need to make one.
Please contact Mark about availability.

Private Lessons (One-on-one)

Students can choose from the following lesson options

30 minutes for $40 (includes $10 house call fee)
60 minutes for $60 (includes $10 house call fee)

NOTE: Applies to one student only

Lesson Booking Options

Lesson booking options are as follows:

OPTION 1: Book 4 lessons (the minimum amount)
OPTION 2: Book 9 lessons and get your 10th lesson FREE!

NOTE: Lessons are weekly and cannot be changed or refunded once booked.

Ongoing Lessons

Students must rebook their lesson time 2 weeks in advance or their time will be available to other students.

Save 5%

When enrolling 2 or more students from the same family.


Payments are to be made out and paid directly to Mark Gillett and can be made by direct deposit, cash or cheque.

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions apply to all students.

  1. By enrolling you or your child in lessons you accept these Terms & Conditions.
  2. It is the students responsibility to be available for lessons each week and be on time. The full lesson fee will be charged if the student is unable to attend their lesson or are late arriving.
  3. The full lesson fee will be charged if the student is unable to provide a comfortable teaching environment for the lessons to take place. The room must be private and temperature controlled.
  4. Withdrawal part way through the booked lessons will not result in a refund.
  5. In the event that Mark is unable to teach, makeup lessons or credits will be made at Marks discretion.
  6. Lessons are weekly on an ongoing basis.
  7. Mark will designate a holiday throughout the year with reasonable notice.

Important: Terms & Conditions are subject to change without notice. Check this page regularly for updates.

See Mark's contact details here.