Where can I get lessons?

Mark teaches at his Castlemaine Studio and in the Maryborough District, Victoria Australia.

Do you have a Working With Children Check Card?

Yes! Mark holds a current full Working With Children Check Card.

Are you a registered business?

Yes! Mark is registered in Australia as a small business. ABN 83229075342.

Do you teach all ages?

Yes! The younger you start the better, but you're also never to old to get started. Learning a music instrument is one of the best things you can do for yourself with all the benefits it brings.

I've got a question to ask Mark?

Mark is more than happy to answer questions, contact Mark.

Drum Student FAQs

I'm just starting, what equipment do I need to purchase?

It isn't necessary to purchase any thing right away. It's always a good thing to try lessons out for a few weeks before purchasing equipment.

What else do I need to get started?

Drum students will need to purchase drum workbooks, Mark will tell you which books to purchase. Mark currently has drum sticks available for $20 per pair and practice pads for $25 each.
Practice pads are a great way to practice your drum rudiments.

I don't have a drum kit? What do you recommend?

There are a couple of options here. First you could look around for a second hand 5 piece drum kit if your unsure if you will be continuing in the long run or on a budget, however, Mark can recommend a great deal on a new kit and organize the whole purchase and setup if you wish. Just ask Mark about it.

Electronic Drum Kit or Acoustic Drum Kit?

Real drums are real drums and you just can't beat that. However, electronic drum kits are fantastic for small spaces, if noise is an issue and great for learning on with built in metronomes, cool effects and so on. Only deal is you really do need to spend quite a bit if you want something even remotely close to the real thing. It pays to do your research and ask plenty of questions and Mark is happy to help where he can.

Guitar Student FAQs

What do I need to start with?

Beginner acousitic guitars are reasonably cheap to purchase so Mark recommends buying an acousitc guitar when starting and bring it to lessons each week.
You will also need to purchase a workbook and bring it to lessons each week. Mark will tell you which book you will need to purchase.

What do I need to start with?

Guitar students should purchase a nylon string acoustic guitar when starting however, electirc guitars are suitable for public student lessons. Adults usually play full size guitars and children usually play junior sized guitars, usually known as 3/4 size.

How do I choose the right guitar?

It's best to go to a shop with experienced staff who can ensure you getting the right size junior guitar for your child however Mark can recommend a decent purchase on ebay.

What are the two types of acoustic guitar?

Beginners should use the classical type of acoustic guitar called a nylon string acoustic guitar. More experienced players can choose to play a steel string acoustic guitar which are naturally a lot tougher on the new players fingers being that the strings are tighter and made of steel wires (at least the thinner stings).

What about Bass Guitar Students?

Bass players usually buy electric bass guitars so you will want to purchase an electric bass, guitar lead and small practice amplifier. Young children should purchase a junior sized electric bass guitar with lead and amp.